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{Cheers to the day.}


A collaboration between owner of the Plant Shoppe, Jen Semmler, chef Elizabeth Davis-Macias, and the founder of Okay Yeah Co., Chad Grubbs. It's styled with an open concept that leaves you feeling cozy and warm inside.  Here you can sip cactus water, have a prickly pear latte, eat a homemade jalapeño cactus hand tart, plant a cactus, grab a cactus, or even get a custom design delivered for a friend or yourself.  The desire is to leave you with a different experience then any other coffee shop or florist shop you've ever step into.    


Some of Our Favorites —


Jalapeño Cactus

Two flapjacks served with molasses and our signature sassafras-infused whipped cream. Fresh fruit additional $4.



Cornmeal and molasses hotcakes served with sweet fennel pork sausage.


Steel Cut Oats Cereal

Served with molasses, bananas, and fresh berries.

Clove-rubbed corned beef and coleslaw between two pieces of cowboy fry bread. Served with a side salad or fried potatoes.


Chipotle Chicken

Thick cuts of roasted wild turkey, wild onions, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and black bread.



Chicken & Vegtable

Slow-smoked beef brisket cut into thin slices, pickled okra, wild onions, tomatoes, and black bread. Served with a side salad or fried potatoes.


Strawberry & Cactus Pear

Potato bun, lettuce, tomato, wild onions, and pepper jack cheese. Served with a side salad or fried potatoes.



Tenderized mutton, carrots, celery, tomatoes, onion, rosemary, and black pepper. Served with two sourdough biscuits.



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